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2010 Stephens Rendezvous

  • Photos of Stephens yachts at the Stephens Rendezvous on the Stockton waterfront

Saturday, June 12, was bright and breezy in Stockton, and Stockton Marina's guest dock was packed full of Stephens yachts as well as other classic yachts. The Stephens were built in Stockton, so it was a homecoming for these gleaming yachts so lovingly cared for by their owners. I walked around the waterfront so that I could view these yachts from the water, and took a few photos of waterfront features on the way.

The Rendezvous started on Friday and will go through Sunday. Some boats, including Ranger and Sea Gal, arrived early. Others were still arriving on Saturday. The "delta breeze" made docking a challenge, but one that was well handled by all involved. It was a beautiful Delta day, almost like a page out of history.