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2010 Delta Loop Fest

  • Photos of Delta Loop Fest

The 2010 Delta Loop Fest was held on Saturday, May 22. The day started out sunny with a few clouds, but by mid-afternoon, the famous "delta breeze" had kicked up and raindrops fell. But not to worry, a good time was had by all. The Classic Yacht Association had a booth set up at Perry's Boat Harbor, and two Stephens Motor Yachts, "Ranger" and "Sea Gal", were on display. Bill Wells was there with his boat, "Ranger". Delta Yacht Sales had a boat show at their Riverboat location. There was a bikini contest and hairy chest contest at Happy Harbor, together with some great music and lots of people. They had free parking in a field in back of the levee. One guy in a BMW was wondering aloud if he should be driving his car in there. I had been wondering just the same thing when I parked there, but everything turned out fine. By the time I got to Owl Harbor Marina for the dinghy race, the delta breeze was doing its thing and I could see the rain coming in the distance. But Owl Harbor was ready for it, because they had a huge tent. Good thinking! This was the first year the new owners had participated in the Delta Loop Fest. They did a great job. The dinghy race was fun to watch. There were three participants this year. There would have been at least one more, but she couldn't find her oars. One of the rowers was a young man whose grandmother said it was the first time he'd done such a thing. He did really well! A second rower gave it a great effort, but he couldn't edge out the winner, who was paddling a beautiful wood dinghy he had built himself. The winner had his dog along for the ride, too.