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Tide Tables for the California Delta

Check the tides for locations throughout the California Delta. Choose from Suisun Bay tides, San Joaquin River tides or Sacramento River tides by clicking the tabs above. To see what tide location is closest to where you will be, you can use the interactive map below.

Suisun Bay Tide Locations:

Suisun Slough Entrance
Pierce Harbor, Goodyear Slough
Joice Island, Suisun Slough
Suisun City, Suisun Slough
Port Chicago, Suisun Bay
Montezuma Slough Bridge
Bradmoor Island, Nurse Slough
Meins Landing, Montezuma Slough
Montezuma Slough
Point Buckler
Mallard Island Ferry Wharf
Pittsburg, New York Slough

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Map of Suisun Bay Tide Locations